What does one do when you pray, and pray, and pray and cry tears like you never had before and all you hear from the Lord is “Patient Endurance”? You Endure and patiently wait on God. I don’t believe there was anything that could have prepared me enough for how my year was going to… Continue reading PATIENT ENDURANCE


Do you ever ask yourself, what is it about rejection that hurt so much? I can still recall the very first time I felt rejected. At the tender age of ten. I experienced rejection from someone I was supposed to look up to as my role model. This person was supposed to make me feel… Continue reading REJECT REJECTION


I am convinced if we would keep all of God’s commands to walk in them, walk in his statutes, and execute his judgments, he will perform his word with us. As I was reading through the book of 1 King back in 2015 so many things captured my attention. Enough for me to start wondering… Continue reading HOLINESS-THE GLORY OF GOD-WORSHIP