Finding Love

I’ve heard them say that love is blind.

Deceitful hearts blind them from seeing true love.

The love I know gave sight to the blind.

He sees all things.

God, is the love I know.

So, you see…

Love cannot be blind.

Love saw me when I believed love was blind.

Love saw me when I believe love hurt.

Love saw me when I couldn’t love myself.

I was so far from the truth, blinded by disappointments, hurt, and heartbreak.

My emotions and what I chose to believe made me blind to love.

Rejection hurt, lies hurt, hurt people hurt other people, manipulations hurt, deceit hurt, anger, and bitterness hurt.

Love, love doesn’t hurt. Love isn’t blind.

Love is patient.

Love is kind.

Love is humble.

Love forgives.

Love heals.

God is love, love cannot be blind.

The thoughts of a younger me after finding love for the very first time. I found love in Jesus. It took getting my heart broken to know God is love. That doesn’t have to be your story. Struggling to deal with my broken heart, confused about the true meaning of love, in my quest to find comfort no one was able to offer me, I discovered 1 John 4 verse 8: “but anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love”. Truth be told, I didn’t know God. That scripture captured my attention and I became determined to know who God was. I wanted to find love. If he is love as the scripture said, I would find it once I find him. The more I knew God the more I understood love. I realized searching for love in all the wrong places and people. I searched for romantic love, but God’s unconditional love was what I needed.

My parents did the best they could as parents to raise me. They did everything they knew to the best of their abilities but even their love (Storge) was not enough for me. I gave myself to romantic love (Eros). Too young, too soon. I was left at my darkest. It was never the will of God for me. Romantic love is great when it’s done right and shared with a deserving person. In the present, I can say I am happily married and can experience romantic love the way God intended. I’m not at all implying my marriage is perfect or easy but I know I chose to share my love with someone who deserves it. He knows God and understands love. While I am content with my husband’s love, it could never replace the love of God. We are growing in love. Our love would be weak and meaningless if God wasn’t our main source of love.

I found God searching for love, and unconditional love in God. He is the beginning and author of familial love, brotherly love, and even romantic love. To manifest his love toward us, God wrapped himself in flesh as Jesus to die for us (1 John 4:9). Because of his love I can love myself, my family, my friends, and community. Love came down to rescue me. He sacrificed himself so I can have eternal life (John 3:16). His love is selfless and sacrificial. A person can give without loving but it is impossible to and not give. Because God is love, love is patient, love is kind, love is humble, love forgives, love gives, love keeps no record of wrong, and love is not easily angered. There is no greater love than the love of God (John 15:13). “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”, Romans 5 verse 8. There are so many circumstances that can change or get in the way of romantic, familial, and brotherly love. Nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:38-39).


While you are out enjoying Love Month and Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the greatest love, God’s unconditional love.


The Adams
The Adams. Photo captured by Life With The Crooks Photography Dress and Bow tie made by Kylia Campbell Designs, LLC

13 thoughts on “Finding Love”

  1. My first marriage I don’t believe I really knew or understood what true love was. I was like you wrapped up in Eros and not able to understand the agape form of love. Sadly my ex-husband was the same way but now I do understand it more and God redeemed me and gave me a loving husband and we both understand agape. I do believe you have to first understand and love God before you can see any other kind with clear eyes. Many blessings to you!

    1. I thought I was “in love” giving my all to a boyfriend that wasn’t committed to me & never would be. Thankfully we can all learn from our mistakes through God’s love & learn to love through him first. All other love can fail but not his.

  2. It took the undying and unrelenting pursuit of Jesus before my defenses broke down and I finally understood what Love looks like and what it truly was!! I love your writing and I love your heart Tara!! Blessings today sweet sister! ❤

    1. It’s funny how we’ll resist him not knowing that’s what we needed all along. Anything loveable in me is all God. I’m still growing & learning. Your kind words are always appreciated Donna.

  3. It’s really difficult to distinguish the kind of love we think were feeling when you don’t understand God’s love in the first place. Thank goodness for the grace we need to get it right.

  4. To know God is to know true love! I am so grateful for this Agape Love because without it I would be hopeless and lost! God is so good!
    Great post Tara❤

  5. Thank you for sharing the love of God in this inspiring message. God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die for us. I too have found this love that completes me, heals me and saves me. And I want to love others the way that I am loved. May you be blessed. And that photo is beautiful!

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