7 Online Shopping Hacks

I love to shop. In fact, I enjoy shopping. Whether or not I’m buying anything it’s just something I like to do. I enjoy it especially when I’m shopping online.

It’s spring, a lot of people, myself included, like to spring clean our closet. Read 12 Fashion Staples for Your Closet to help you decide what what items to keep. Before you go on a shopping spree or on a hunt for replacements, read it and thank me later.

I believe there’s an art to shopping. One does not simply walk into a store and buy the very first thing your eyes land on. Unless you’ve been eying it for a while, it’s a must-have that’s on sale, or a once in a lifetime deal you won’t get anywhere else.

I take my time to look around. I find the sales or clearance section, look at prices, and compare prices of various brands and retail stores. I take time to enjoy the different fashion and styles displayed for the season. I look at colors, patterns, fabrics, and the quality of the clothes (cheaper prices aren’t always worth it).

I take in as much as I can, from how the racks are positioned to the set up of the store. Shopping is an experience! This sounds great when you’re shopping at your local mall, retail or thrift stores, right? It can be just as enjoyable online. It’s a matter of mindset. For me, online shopping is equally fun and enjoyable.

Depending on your view of the internet world and shopping, online shopping can be an intimidating experience at first. Once you get the hang of it or a feel for it, you’ll realize how easy and convenient it is.

Here are some tips from my online shopping experience to help you with yours.

  • Shop at a secured website
  • Know your measurements
  • Read the reviews
  • Know the company’s shipping terms
  • Know the company’s return policies
  • Look for coupon offers and discount codes
  • Set a budget
  • Shop at a secured website
    • You want to always shop at a website that will allow you to use a secure payment method. If several things appear to be out of the ordinary don’t trust the site. It will lessen your chances of identity theft and your funds getting jacked. Make sure the website is legitimate and secured. I like using PayPal as my payment method. It gives me buyers protection and protection against fraudulent activities. It’s also important to check the website’s reputation. You don’t want to shop somewhere that has terrible reviews or customer service. Make sure you can contact someone through email AND phone in case you face any issues while shopping or if there’s something wrong with something you purchased. You especially want to make sure you can speak to someone on the phone if the issue is with your money.
  • Know your measurements
    • Clothing sizes vary depending on clothing brand or merchant. It’s important to know your size, especially in centimeters and inches. The online store usually displays them as such instead of the expected small, medium, and large size. You can use a measuring tape to measure your bust, waist, hips, and inseam. If you’re not sure how exactly to do this there are YouTube video tutorials that can help you. You can also visit your local seamstress or tailor to figure this out. While some clothes are true to size others are not. You need to know your size to determine whether to stick to your exact size, buy a size down or buy a size up. THE SIZE CHART IS YOUR FRIEND! Please use it. It may vary slightly depending on the brand or company but is fairly the same overall. It’s a useful guide.
  • Read the reviews
    • Customer reviews in the online shopping world are gold. Take some time to read some. You’ll get a real perspective on whatever it is you’re interested in buying. Ads can be deceiving. Most buyers will include photos with their reviews which is even better. Look for reviews that include comments on the size, fit, and material quality of what you want to buy. It’ll help give you a better idea of how something will fit, if it’ll be true to size or if you’ll need to buy a size up or down. Remember ads and online model displays can be deceiving and hyped up so don’t just go off that alone.
  • Know the company’s shipping terms
    • A lot of online stores in the United States offers free shipping. Other stores, especially if your shipment is coming from overseas, charge a fair shipping fee. If shipping isn’t free your shipping price is usually based on the shipping option you choose, standard, express or overnight shipping. If shipping is free it’s always my option. Costly shipping is not worth it in my opinion if getting it later than sooner is the only downfall. The length of delivery is often based on the carriers the company uses. i.e. FedEx, UPS, USPS. It shouldn’t take a company more than 2-3 day to ship your package to you. Be sure to check if tracking is provided for you to track your package (s). Some carriers will require a signature or someone to be present at the time of delivery.
  • Know the company’s return policies
    • It crucial to know how, when, and if you can return or exchange what you purchase. You might not like what you purchase once you receive it or it might not fit properly. You want to be able to return it. Check the return policy before placing your order. Check how long you have to return things, how much it’ll cost you or if returns are free. You also want to check if you can make exchanges, get your money back or get store credit.
  • Look for coupons and discount codes
    • Coupons and discount codes will save you a lot of money on your overall purchase at checkout. Always check out the sales and markdown items. If you can get coupons and discount codes on top of whatever sales offered, it’s worth celebrating. Your bank account and husband will thank you after checkout.
  • Set a budget
    • You know your shopping habits and how often you shop. Unless you are a millionaire or have money to blow give yourself a budget. If you’re disciplined in your spending you won’t mind a budget. You want to be responsible with your money. It is easy to overspend and get carried away when your shopping online. It’s much easier than at a local store. It’s really like throwing it all in the bag. It’s not possible to feel the weight of everything you added to your cart. Treat yourself if you can but buy what you need first. A budget will help you smile when you click on your cart and not have to explain to your spouse where all these packages are coming from.

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Three of my favorite online stores are ASOS.COM, SHEIN.COM, and LOLASHOETIQUE.COM. ASOS is especially great for high-quality clothing and designer’s brands at affordable prices. SHEIN has a lot of trendy clothing at some of the lowest prices in the market. While some of their clothes are exceptionally excellent quality material for the cost others not so much. Don’t expect Louis Vuitton quality material for an $8 dress.

I hope you enjoyed these hacks! If you have some of your own, please share them with me.

16 thoughts on “7 Online Shopping Hacks”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! I’m usually skeptical about online shopping but these tips seem very helpful. I will give online shopping a chance. Also, thanks for sharing a few of your favorite stores.

  2. This is good! I need to work on the last point!
    I’m gonna check out your favorite stores, I like ASOS too, but I don’t know the others! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love to shop also!! Thank you so much for your uplifting posts, your encouragement and all your awesome tips!! Blessings to you … ❤

  4. I am usually pretty diligent with shopping and comparing prices. I do enjoy online shopping. It has made looking for exact items at the best prices so much easier than back in the day! TY Tara for your awesome tips! ❤

  5. I really need to go shopping. I’ve been so busy with the house that my wardrobe is seriously suffering. These are great tips to help me get my clothes shopping mojo back!

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