Cool Modest Summer


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? –Shakespeare

Summer is so hot and extreme. I love the cool nights and mango season but I am not a summer’s gal. I don’t like being hot and sweaty, and I burn easily in the sun. Autumn is my season.

I live in Florida and it is HOT all year in my opinion. The weather is also unpredictable. You just don’t know what kind of weather you’re going to wake up to. So how does a lady dress modestly and stay cool in the heat? It’s possible!

Here’s eight ways to keep your summer modest, stylish, and cool.

1.       Wear some sunscreen & drink lots of water

I avoid being directly in the sun at all cost. I use a sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 30 to protect my skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Stay hydrated! I can’t stress this enough. It’s important for our health, not just during the summer. Dehydration and heatstroke are real! If you don’t like drinking water I am sorry, you are missing out on life. Drinking a lot of water helps me keep a clear and healthier skin. Try infusing your water with your favorite fruit(s) to add natural flavors to it. One of my favorite combos is strawberries with mint leave or lemon or cucumbers. Infused water is also great for detoxing. A natural oil and skincare product will help keep your skin moist and cool without looking greasy. Your health and skin will thank you later. I know it’s hot but find a cool time to get some exercising done at your own level and pace. I choose cooler times of the day to exercise because it helps with staying hydrated. If you don’t have the time to go to the gym or go outside in the evening for a walk or run, don’t stress it. Buy yourself a mat and some weights and make it happen at home.

2.       Wear looser fitted and natural fabric clothing

Maxi are everything during the summer. There’s just something about a dress’s flowiness, loose fit and light fabrics that makes the fun summer. I could wear a maxi dress everyday for the rest of my life if I had to or had no other options. Try to avoid fabrics that will stick to your body if you start sweating. I prefer the clothes in my closet that are made of breathable fabrics. The more natural the fabric the better it is. Cotton is one of the best and most affordable natural fabrics. I try not to wear the color black during the summer, especially during the day. That color absorbs heat. It won’t help keep you cool. Even though black makes the body appear slimmer, it’s not the best color to wear when it’s hot outside.

3. Avoid wearing unnecessary accessories

I love making a fashion statement and sometimes less IS more. The iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” The less you carry around the easier it’ll be to stay cool. I have lots of fun with patterns, stripes, and graphic t-shirts. Instead of carrying around your oversize day to day handbag (we all have one of those), try a smaller purse or cross body bag. I do prefer larger handbags because I can carry my entire life in them but if I’m honest I don’t and won’t need 50% of the things I carry in there. It’s too hot in the summer for all that extra weight. I’m about to be a mom of two. We shall see how I manage.

4. Wear summer hats.

Who doesn’t love a chic large summer hat? Whatever your hat style is, it’s a great way to accessorize and protect your face from the sun’s heat. A hat can change an outfit from day to night, casual to dressed-up without doing too much. Have some fun with different types of hats. Make it a part of your summer experience. I like wearing Fedora style hats with maxi dresses and for summer evening outings. They’re super chic for summer. For a sporty or casual summer look, I like wearing baseball style hats or a dad cap. When I want to feel and look more “feminine” or rock a bohemian look I go for a large floppy hat. Protect that summer glow on your face with a nice hat!

5. Style your hair with summer friendly hairstyles

Long or short, hair while beautiful can be annoying. Especially when it’s hot outside. It can get sweaty, greasy, and leave our scalps itching. I don’t like hair all over my face especially when the sun’s heat is blazing. I prefer to style my hair in up-dos or pulled back away from my face. I don’t want any hair sticking to my sweating neck or be the reason why I’m hot and sweating. That’s not a good feeling! I try to use headbands or head wraps to keep my hair pulled back. I love the head wraps I’ve seen a lot of ladies doing but I suck at it. Maybe I will practice more this summer. It’s another way to accessorize or make a statement without overdoing it. Try some hairstyles that allows your scalp to breathe, like box braids or cornrow braids.

6. Wear cover-ups

I’m sure I lost a lot of you there. Why, when it’s so hot? To the average person living in Florida wearing cover-ups might sound senseless. Sleeves are okay during the summer. If I need to be out in about during the day I prefer to wear shorter sleeves. They’re better than wearing tank tops and no sleeves. Tank tops are a means to expose skin, they don’t help keep you cool or protect you from the sun’s heat. Instead of wearing thick jackets and blazers I wear lightweight cover-ups and thin denim jackets. The key is to choose BREATHABLE FABRICS versus wearing close to nothing.

7. When all else fail WEAR WHITE

White is THE ULTIMATE SUMMER STAPLE! It’s an easy, effortless, chic and soft look. A white dress with a cute pair of summer shoes is it. White doesn’t absorb heat like darker colors and black does. I love neutral colors overall and they’re seriously perfect for summer. If you must wear colors, try wearing lighter colors like pastel hues.

8. Wear the right kind of shoes

There is such a thing. Summer is one of the best times to bring out your open-toe wedges, flats, sandals, and sneakers. I like wearing the shoes that are comfortable and leave room for my feet to breathe. The summer’s heat will make it worse if you’re wearing shoes that are uncomfortable. Comfortable and breathable is the key here.


15 thoughts on “Cool Modest Summer”

  1. As one who has to avoid the sun at all costs (I break out horribly if I’m in direct sunlight) this was hugely beneficial to me. Thank you for the awesome advice!

  2. Great advice and great photos to go with it. A dress is my favorite thing to wear in the summer as it is nice and cool.

  3. I’m loving your summertime style! So pretty, comfortable and stylish. The summer heat can be pretty oppressive and you have some great suggestions here to make it more bearable.

  4. I love your advice! I live in the desert of the Southwest, so the heat and sun are unbearably intense in the summer. I learned the hard way that the best way to stay cool and not sunburnt was to wear loose, breathable fabrics and cover up (long pants, long skirts, long sleeves). It seems counterintuitive but it actually works!

    1. Hey Jacquelyn. Exactly, it really works. I think culture have many of us believing wearing little to nothing will help but many of us like you learned the hard way as well. It really does work. I’m glad you enjoyed the tips!

  5. Definitely agree that modesty is possible even in the hotter weather. Personally, I go for capris, mostly because my legs rub together if I wear a dress. lol. But I am so glad that dressing modestly isn’t impossible, even in the hot Southern Summer.

  6. I’m the actual most fair-skinned human on the planet! Ha! Or at least it seems that way. I LOVE the sunshine, and I thrive off of it, but I’m actually allergic to the sun and I get weird rashes on my skin when it’s exposed. I actually have to wear 100 SPF! Not sure how much more powerful it actually is but I can’t risk it, hahaha!
    I love these ideas, especially the one about putting fruits in your water! I’m excited to try strawberries and mint leaves! That sounds DELIGHTFUL!!!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I would’ve never thought anyone could be allergic to the sun. I wouldn’t want to risk it either. It really is delightful and refreshing. Let me know if you like it.

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