What have I been up to? I’ve been around the hood of MOTHERHOOD where there are no short cuts. I had to embraced it along with all of the unexpected challenges.

I was on rest with my second pregnancy due to my cervix thinning at 24 weeks. I used some of that downtime to do some reflecting and house-cleaning. I’ve done lots of natural cleaning, emotional cleansing, and ongoing spiritual cleansing, which is always on my house-cleaning list. I even did some blogging clean up.

This year, my focus was to work on perfecting what I already have and not so much put out new content. I wanted to focus more on “my niche” and write more blogs highlighting it. I was able to do a lot of editing and CTRL-ALT-DLTE. If you’re able to figure out my niche, share it in the comment section.

7 things I did during my resting time that’s still helping me today:

1. I was more open about my experience & accepting support when it was offered.

2. I let go of “control”. Baby steps became my comfort. I was still moving forward, just at a much slower pace. I smelled the roses I would have otherwise overlooked.

3. I discovered creative ways to still pray and worship. This was important while I was preparing for 2 under 2. As Vesta Mangun would often say, if all I can do is wave a finger, I am going to wave that finger and let the devil know I am still against him!

4. I checked my priorities to ensure that God and my family were getting the best of me. No matter what changes I don’t want to give them what’s leftover or whatever I don’t have much use for. I eliminated some things temporarily and others permanently so that I could keep the key things the main things.

5. I did what I could when I could. I was intentional about not missing the opportunity to do one thing because I couldn’t do another at that time. I can’t stand long enough to wash all of my dirty dishes today but I could fold my last load of laundry. I didn’t wake up for the prayer line this morning but I have time right now to pray for 15-30 minutes. I couldn’t take my son to the park today but I can let him use my legs as a racetrack for his toy truck.

6. I purposefully did things I enjoy. I was starting to feel like my goals and dreams were slipping away from me. I felt like my pregnant season was taking over my life but on the contrary it opened up a lot of unexpected new doors for me. Instead of giving in to my feelings entirely I chose to make the best of the hand I was given.

7. I chose to see the good. Looking for the good allowed me to also see God’s grace in the process. I noticed how I often encourage my 18 months old son to do things by highlighting his successes when he does. Even if it’s something deemed silly or unimportant. I figured I could use that same concept for other areas of my life. That even taught me a new way to uplift my husband. Highlighting the good no matter how small it is breeds an atmosphere of growth.

Fun fact: When Eli came out of the womb he didn’t cry. Nothing was wrong. He bit the doctor’s finger when he was pulling him out.

What have you been up to?

10 thoughts on “CTRL-ALT-DLTE”

  1. Well done Mama! I always love how God uses pregnancy not only to knit together the baby in his/her mamma’s womb, but also to grow and develop the mamma into all she needs to be for the baby. I’m sure all of these things you’ve learned will take you to new places as a mamma of 2 under 2! P.s. What a gorgeous baba!

  2. “Highlighting the good” and “atmosphere of growth” sum up your encouraging post beautifully! We should all strive to focus on or redirect our attention to these things.

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