Signature Style

What are you comfortable wearing?

What are you typically drawn to?

Do you know what looks good on you?

Your signature style is a style that’s unique to YOU. It’s like your finger print. Even if someone’s style is similar to yours, like identical twins, it is still uniquely you. Even identical twins have different finger prints. Whether you care, know it or not, you have one. Your personal style can get better with time if you invest in the right fashion classics for your closet.

Building a signature style is simple. It requires knowing who you are, embracing your physical assets, and understanding what works with your lifestyle.

I love style icon Audrey Hepburn. Who doesn’t? I love flats and stripes for a chic or casual looks. Two signature things she was known for. Who doesn’t love a black dress? Audrey was one of the many fashion icons to make the LBD (little black) a popular classic. I prefer my LBD to be modest and not so little. Simple is always effortlessly chic!

I admire French fashion pioneer Coco Chanel. I can’t afford. Thanks to websites like “” and “” dreams do come true! Chanel is classy and timeless to me.

The beautiful British designer Victoria Beckham is another designer I love. I love her luxurious looks and high-end styles. High & lows is key! Everything doesn’t have to be designer. If you can afford it go for it.

While you may not be able to afford high end designers like Coco or Victoria, it’s okay to invest in a few pieces here and there. You can pair them with more affordable fashion from places like Zara, New York And Company, H&M, Michael Koars, Steve Maden, Macy’s, and Anne Taylor. I also love website like “” and “Amazon” for affordable fashion.

“Simplicity, good taste, and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money” -Christian Dior

What you don’t wear is equally important to what you wear. Start with looks that inspire you. Think of the designers and brands that you love. Imitate the styles that suit you.

Your signature style should evolve. I promise you my almost 30 year old self would not wear what my 16 years old self used to wear. The classic pieces remain the same but my choice of style then and now are far too different. It’s important to figure out which styles really speak to you. I’ve love fashion since I was a little girl and it still took me years to figure out which style was effortlessly me.

I define my signature style as classic, chic, and edgy.

It’s okay to have a mixture of different looks that define your style. “Pinterest” is a good tool to use for inspiration.

What items and colors do you find yourself buying again and again?

Black is my signature color staple. I realized I buy A LOT of black. It’s my favorite color. Fall colors compliment my skin tone really well. I don’t ever go wrong with red, mustard, burnt orange, or olive green. I absolutely love my neutrals too; white, beige, grey, and some brown hues. None of this ever stop me from wearing any other colors I like.

I love statement shoes! If I feel like a specific color doesn’t compliment me well, I’ll simply accessorize with that color in a bag, belt, or shoes. I would wear the most simple dress and pair it with some banging shoes.

There’s always that one item you bought but never wear. It could be out of your comfort zone but you really like it. Let that be your wildcard. If you ever feel like being bold or change up your wardrobe, start there.

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” -Ann Klein

These rules, suggestions or ideas aren’t Bible! In order words they’re not absolute or definite. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable.

Once you figure out what you like and what your signature style is, invest in upgrading your closet. Stop buying so much trends and get those classic pieces.


Find your confidence! No signature style is worth much without it.

If you’re comfortable with who you are your confidence will shine no matter what you’re wearing.

What’s your signature style?

Are they French, vintage, edgy, classic, modern, casual, street, eclectic, bohemian, tomboy or trend-forward?

Embrace it!

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