I love living in Florida, but I would like to experience an actual fall and winter season. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the warmth of the season, the leaves falling, the colors changing, and the fashion. The fall and winter fashion that I love aren’t ideal for Florida’s weather. However, there’s always an exception to the rules and ways around that issue. You better believe as soon as there’s the slightest cool weather in Florida, I’m bringing out my boots, leather, sweaters, and fur coats, because why not? I enjoy being extra for the few days of winter Florida will give us.

There is one coat that I think is suitable for the sunshine state’s weather, and that is a trench coat. It is an absolute classic! It’s a wardrobe essential that you need. From the original trench to modern versions, there’s a trench coat suitable for your signature style.

Trench Styles

Not only is it a classic, it’s also practical.


The trench coat was originally designed to protect people from the wind and rain. French and British soldiers wore trench coats during the first World War. It was an article of clothing worn by Army officers. In earlier times, soldiers used to wear a greatcoat. They literally wore it in the trenches, which is where the name originated from. The coat dates back as early as the 1800’s (documented 1823).

Who gets the credit?

British luxury designers, John Emery and Thomas Burberry, claimed rights to the trench coat creation. Both designers developed waterproof clothing and fabrics that became essential for military uniforms. No one really knows who invented the trench coat. However, Burberry can safely receive credit for our modern trench coat.

Trench Fashion


The trench was iconic in the military and is still iconic today in fashion. Over the years, fabric manufacturers developed materials to make it more breathable. The trench endured through the decades!

I appreciate that every feature of the trench has served a purpose. Although today, I think fashion plays a bigger role than functionality.

The traditional trench comprised:

• A double breasted finish

• 10 front buttons

• A storm flap

• Wide lapels

• Button fastened pockets

• Belted at the waist

• Buckled straps around the wrist

• Waterproof

• Made from heavy duty cotton gabardine drill

• Alternatives are leather or poplin

• Insulated lining

• Raglan sleeves

• Lengths ranging from just above the ankles to just above the knees

• Usually in a khaki colour

Fall Vibes In Florida

You can still see the military’s influence in today’s style of trenches.

Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn

Army officers continued to wear their coats at home after the war. From there to films, the trench gained popularity. Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn were the first among women to make the coat fashionable. It became a classic for both men and women. From the traditional to the trendy trench, we now see plenty of it on the fashion runway. Store brands now have trench coats of different quality in accordance with the price. You will receive the quality you pay for.

Modern Trench on The Runway

Remember your signature style when you buy and style your trench. You can easily look chic in a trench while wearing a white T-shirt, basic skirt or jeans with some high heels. Matching your beige trench with similar tones can look classy. You can also make a statement or be edgy wearing it with a bright colored bag or heels.


You don’t have to stick to the traditional trench. I recommend having at least one. Having one great trench is enough. Feel free to go for a patterned style or different colored ones. Your personal style and what you’re comfortable in matters.


The History.

The Fabric.

The Pockets.

The Details.

The Shape.

Wearable year round!

I’m not trying to convince you, but I’m telling you, you need a classic trench coat in your closet. If you don’t appreciate the fashion, you can appreciate its history.

You probably already own a trench coat and didn’t even realize how much of a fashionista that makes you.

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