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For the longest time, I watched Ann from afar. She became one of my favorite “plus-size” person to reference when it came to modest dressing. I admire her confidence and how comfortable she appeared in her own skin. When I realized she was an author, among many other amazing things she does, I purchased her book “The Rage Within”.  You should read it! I was excited to interview her. I wanted to know more about her. This was a very funny but informative interview. I’m glad to know so many gifted women.

“Everyone has a book in them.” -Dina

Who is Dina?

Dina is my middle name. Ironically, I used the name because I’m not a fan of my first name. It’s so common. Dina was what my mom called me. Sometimes when people ask me who’s Dina? I’d usually say, “I’m mommy’s girl.” From a business standpoint, I’m an author, editor, writing coach, publisher, and empowerment speaker. I did knew when I became an author, I didn’t want to use my full name, so it all worked out.

When did you realize writing was your thing?

Umm, I think I was nine years old. Actually, books were my thing then. It took me about another year before I realized writing was also my thing. I loved putting words together. Come to think of it, boys were the reason I became a writer. At school boys used to pay me to write poems or love notes to their girlfriends. I used to charge them a dollar.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

I would have to say it’s a tie between William Shakespeare and James Joyce. “Titus Andronicus”, written by Shakespeare, challenged me to take risk in my work and not restrict myself. I should probably note that most critics concern that play to be his worse, but there are several scenes i found to be quite colorful. Anyhow, some of my favorite modern day authors are Adrienne Thomas and Khaled Hosseini.

What do you tell aspiring authors who want to write and publish a book?

The main advice I give writers and authors is to “just write.” I believe everyone has a book in them. Write and then go back and connect the dots. That’s how I wrote my first book, Rewriting My Story. I noticed patterns in my journal entries. I think most authors make the mistake of wanting everything to be perfect the first time around. Let the editors do their job. And if they do their job well, they’ll help connect the dots and make it flow well.

 If you could sum up your childhood in a book, what would the title be?

***Laughed*** I did. “Rewriting My Story.”

 Tell us a little bit about your services?

Primarily I offer editing services, not just for those wanting to publish a book. I’ve edited essays, thesis, poems, business plans, marketing materials, blogs, and more. I realized many people wanted to become authors and needed help, so I also became a writing coach. I also host several worshops on writing, organizing, project management, and event planning. I love to teach and share whatever knowledge I have.

Who or what inspires your writing?

This is going to sound bad. Currently, watching ratchet tv shows inpire me. Seriously, I like anything ratchet; I know this sounds crazy. In my stories, I tend to write about heavy topics and sometimes I need comic relief. I’ll watch something like Maury or Love After Lockup. As crazy as these may be, some of those storylines inpire some of my characters development.

Any editing advice?

Try not to edit your own books. I can tell when an author edited their own work. It’s not a good idea because more than likely, they’ll miss several errors. Although I understand editing services are not cheap, it is worth the investment.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Ok. Let me preface this by stating things I find funny are not funny to others. Secondly, I’m notorious for chewing gum. Okay. So, my goddaughter’s mother was pointing at photograghs around the house and encouraged my goddaughter to name the individuals in the picture. My goddaughter correctly named all the individuals; however, when her mom pointed at a photo of me, my goddaughter hesitated and looked at her mother and said “Gum.” ***Laughing*** She’s two so I forgave her.

 What is it like being the co-founder of a publishing company?

It’s exciting and nerve-racking all at once.  It’s exciting because I get to do it with two awesome ladies. It’s nerve-racking because it’s still business. Things don’t always go as smoothly or planned.

Teach me something I don’t know in the next three minutes?

I’m trying to think of a common mistake people make in their writing. Ok, so if a number is two digits or higher, you can write the number itself and not spell it. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule, but that’s a lesson for another time. Also, “alright” is not a word, it’s two words, “all right.” This is such a common mistake that even editor forget to correct this. I would correct it in a thesis but in a book, it depends on the character as their style of speech may require the misspelling.

If you woke up and had 5,000 new editing projects and could only choose 500 of them to work on, how would you choose which ones to edit?

Assuming I received all of the projects at the same time, i’d begin with the ones with the least amount of words. This way, I would feel more accomplished. Of course, money is also important. Whoever pays their deposit first, gets priority. It wouldn’t matter what the word count was as I value each literary work. Pay me on time, and I’ll get to work.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Earning my B.S. degrees. I dropped out of college during my senior year. Ten years later, I returned and after two semesters, I graduated. This accomplishment pushed me to seek a masters in Creative Writing, which i will complete in May of next year (2019).

You’re in Paris right now, what are you doing?

I am probably going to some historical site; whether it’s a museum or the Eiffel Tower.

What do you hope readers learn through your writing?

There is always a level of redemption through Christ, no matter what. I don’t care what you’ve done, God loves you and is ready to forgive.

Learn more about Dina’s services and books at http://worksbydina.com/. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn @worksbydina.

Business Women of Faith -Terika Haynes, Coupled For Wealth

Many women in the Bible were hardworking women. They worked hard for their families and the kingdom. These women were go-getters. They didn’t sit around and let life happen to them. They worked hard and make things happen. They were a blessing to those around them. Their legacies live on even still today.

Let’s look at the Proverbs 31 woman (Proverbs 31:10-31). It was said of her that she was a “virtuous woman”. She never once praised herself. Her handwork and those she was a blessing to saw it fit to acknowledge her as a woman that is “far above rubies”. She was not lazy, she was trustworthy, she was a good negotiator, she was hardworking, she was generous to those in need, she took diligent care of her family, she didn’t bring shame to her husband, she was kind in her speech, and most importantly she feared the Lord. Her works were evidence of the type of woman she was. She was never identified by name but many women, myself included, aspire to follow her example of handwork and consistency.

Another successful businesswoman in scripture was Lydia (Acts 16:11-15). She was very diligent in business. She was a successful seller of purple. Purple was a very expensive product in her time that was in high demand. As a part of her success, she lived in a large house and had many servants. However, “she worshipped God”. Her success did not prevent her from worshipping God. She was never too busy with her business affairs to seek him. She always found her way to the riverside to pray. Which was where she was converted. Although she had remarkable success Lydia was humbled. She was open to hearing the truth from the Apostle Paul to be saved. She was clearly a woman of major influence because her entire household was converted following her conversion. She was a well-known businesswoman and being saved did not make her less of a successful woman. In fact, she was hospitable and a blessing to the kingdom of God. She was kind in opening her beautiful home to those that were traveling to preach the gospel. Her home was a place of fellowship with other saints. She was a successful businesswoman among the Philippian saints.

Lydia and the Proverbs 31 woman are just two examples among several other successful hardworking women in the Bible. Let’s hear from a modern-day hardworking successful businesswoman.

We are honored this month to have with us the beautiful business woman Terika Haynes. Terika Haynes along with her husband are owners and founders of Coupled For Wealth. Coupled For Wealth is a successful “business and career consulting firm”. Their mission is a commitment to “empowering, and equipping, individuals and couples striving to launch a new business or take their career to the next level”. They “provide customized coaching that maximizes value for their clients in a take action and prosperous atmosphere”.


Terika is full of faith and energy. She is a go-getter make it happen type of woman. We are excited to have her as a guest at Chazaq Rose. Her spirit and business mindset are encouraging. She is driven to say the least.


1)    What is Coupled for Wealth?

“That is a great question! “Coupled for Wealth” was given to me, by God, in a dream one morning before work. The name itself is a mantra which means, together, we are meant for prosperity. This idea holds a twofold purpose. First, it’s a confirmation for both Orlando (my husband) and myself. Secondly, it’s an assurance between us and our clients. We are a career coaching and consulting firm. It’s our mission to partner with aspiring entrepreneurs and career-minded individuals and couples to support them on the journey to success and prosperity in their endeavors.”

-Thank God for that. That’s inspiring!

2)    What role does your faith play in Coupled for Wealth?

“Faith is an essential part of our business. It’s like wind to be a hurricane; without it, hurricanes could not exist. It took faith for me to share my dream with my husband. I tell you, I thought he was going to burst out laughing, tell me to go to work, and he’ll call me later. Instead, he embraced it immediately! Orlando quickly began working on developing a plan and set it in motion, allowing me to be able to fully focus on my corporate position at the time.

It took faith to believe that anyone would even take us seriously and to my surprise, we received our very first client, Works by Dina a week after we launched. I was encouraged, but soon after, my faith was tested when I had to choose between Coupled for Wealth, this so-called dream of mine, and my current career, which meant financial security. This was tough as I had worked hard in my career for seven years.

Thankfully, being apostolic has afforded me to not only have true salvation but a powerful covering that I am aligned with. Through my submission to my husband, my bishop, and my pastor, I have a solid support. And so because of my faith, success for Coupled for Wealth is undeniable.”

-It’s always a blessing to have God as the center and the covering of your leaders. Having the support of one’s spouse can make or break things. Beautiful testimony.

3)    What drove you and your husband to start Coupled for Wealth?

“DESIRE! The desire to equip and empower those who simply want more. More in their career, more in their business, more out life period. Also, our own personal desire to build more than just a marriage and a business, but a desire to leave a legacy of success, love, unity, and prosperity.”

-That is beautiful and powerful! Wealth transfer.

4)    What is the strangest thing you’ve gotten inspiration from?

“I get inspiration almost from everything but the strangest thing that has ever inspired me was getting a cavity filling. That’s a long story in itself.”

-That is interesting. I think I’m going to look at one and see what I come up with.

5)    Why was it important to build Coupled for Wealth with your husband?

“He is the number one man in my life and is second to none when it comes to wanting to see people succeed! He is fine! Very well spoken, respected, extremely brilliant, an all-out silent assassin! I am glad I got him before someone else did, as a business partner of course!” *winks*

-I have no doubt he is thankful and appreciative of that. When I first graduated college he was the one that helped me find a well-paying job through his agency. The two of you work well together. *winks*

6)    What does a woman like yourself wear for business as usual?

“99% of my closet is business attire. I have blazers in almost every color. Of course, every businesswoman needs at least one power suit. My button downs always with a fun pleated skirt seems to do the trick. Oh, and a pair of closed toe four-inch pumps.”

-Yes! Dressed for success. I like that, “power suit”. My business ladies invest in your power suit.

7)    How do you ensure you look modest and professional?

“Cover everything so that there are no distractions, especially when you are in business with a lot of powerful of men. The only thing I want your peers to focus on are the words coming out my mouth. Unfortunately, many women miss this important lesson, it is hard to take us seriously, if we’re dressed as if we’re heading to a sleepover or out for a nightcap.”

-This is so important! Especially when the business world is said to be male-dominated. Not only that, women are expected to sell their bodies to gain corporate success.

8)    How often do you wear blazers as a business professional?

“4 out of 5 times. It’s my guilty pleasure. They always fit great. They come in many styles and colors. A true business staple that can be beautifully mixed and matched with anything.”

-Absolutely a business staple! It’s hard to go wrong with one.

9)    In what ways as a saved woman do you dress differently for business?

“I am not wearing any plunging necklines, high splits, miniskirt or dress pants. You can be fashionable while remaining modest.”

-I agree with this. Modesty is beautiful, even in business.

10)  What advice would you give a future business owner?

“Invest in yourself and get a coach! Even Michael Jordan had a coach! It is one of the greatest R.O.I (return on investment) your business will ever have.”

-Very well said! It’s my goals list for this year. A couple more months and I’ll be there.

11)  Who is your role model?

“My role model is Sheryl Sandberg and Daniel Davy.”

-I know one of the two for sure to be an amazing leader. I don’t doubt the other is one also.

12)  What’s your appetite for risk?

“Starving like Marvin; I’m never satisfied.”

-There’s always room for growth and improvement.

13)  In relations to business, what is your greatest strength and/or weakness?

“My greatest strength is getting down in the trenches. My weakness is that I can sometimes be a perfectionist.”

-And that is why you do what you do and excel!

14)  What is a business fashion “don’t” for you?

“Backless dress shoes! Please don’t do it.”


15)  Where do you see Coupled for Wealth in 10 years?

“A billion-dollar company that has completely altered funding the kingdom of God as we know it today.”

-In Jesus name! I am here for it.


Thank you for your time Terika! Be sure to connect with Terika and Coupled For Wealth at www.coupledforwealth.com, on Facebook “Coupled For Wealth” (@coupledforwealth), on Instagram @coupledforwealth, and email them at info@coupledforwealth.com.




“Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.” Proverbs 31:31


I aspire to be a woman that works hard, flourish in my gifts while serving others and being a blessing to the kingdom of God. We should enjoy what we do and take pleasure in them. We are women. We are strong. When our hearts are filled with love and kindness it will be evident in our works and surroundings. Invest in yourself to be a blessing to others. As my husband would often say, I want to die empty. I don’t want the things God placed in me to be buried with me. There’s no use for them in heaven. I want to pour out the gifts God has blessed me with in this world where it will be useful to others. When it’s all said and done no matter how successful we are, it means nothing if we don’t fear God and lose our souls. If we want to achieve true excellence in the things we do it starts with God. Our actions will speak for us. Like these three women, we want to be successful in our endeavors with Jesus at the center, not apart from him. We want our gifts to serve others and the kingdom of God.